Beach Vibes


Summer is near and I can’t help but start posting some inspirational looks for those long awaited days at the beach!  Whether your going for the weekend or just for the day, I got you covered…literally!

This has to be one of my favorite go to looks for the beach!  I’m all for a beautiful swimsuit coverup or dress believe me, but wearing something other than the typical intrigues me way more!  For this first beach look I paired one of my favorite high waisted bikini bottoms with a sheer and flowy button down blouse.  I love the idea of wearing a blouse outside of it’s normal place and essentially dressing it down!  This blouse pairs perfectly with a pair of shorts, you can just slip them on and take a walk through that little beach city without exposing too much of your bum, and would you look at that, you didn’t even have to wear a dress to cover yourself up!  There’s still a bit of sheerness for that added sexy feel while staying modest overall!  Perfection!



Outfit Details:

Printed sheer button down blouse: Asos

High waisted black bikini bottoms: NastyGal

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Stay tuned for more beach inspired looks to come!!


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