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Not to long ago I had the pleasure of working with Perspectives Global on a mini collaboration! If you guys don’t already know about this brand here’s a few facts:

Perspectives Global is a clothing brand for both men and women created in Portland, Oregon and manufactured in Los Angeles, California.  Perspectives pushes the boundaries of modern and high end fashion by connecting people and resources, all while striving to shine a light on the broken and actively acknowledge the injustice in the world by sharing stories, creating opportunities, and therefore slowly making an impact in this world.

Perspectives was kind enough to send me a couple of their top selling pieces to photograph!  The idea behind this collaboration was for me to show how I would wear each of their pieces but still keep my individual style in tact.  I did a quick photo-shoot showing how I styled each of the items.  This was done during Portland Fashion Week who was another collaborating partner with us.  The end goal was to help bring even more awareness to the brand and to Portland Fashion Week!

First look: The basic black printed t-shirt by PG paired with vegan leather shorts from Zara, my Nike Air Max 90’s, a black denim jacket from Forever 21, and some round retro sunglasses from ASOS, I turned a simple t-shirt into a sophisticated yet edgy put together look!





Second look: Simple black t-shirt dress by PG paired with my longline pin striped blazer from Forever 21, I finished the look with a pair of RayBan’s, and a few cool chokers, and made this simple t-shirt dress stylish & fun!




Third look: White long sleeve t-shirt by PG styled with my trusty skinny jeans from H&M.  This makes for an easy, quick and casual out the door look!





If you guys like what you see and want to know more about this cool brand go check out Perspectives Global website, read more bout what they do, who they are, and shop all their easy cool pieces!

If your a brand, designer, or photographer and are interested in a collaboration, please contact me at:






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