I am so excited to talk to you guys about an editorial project I recently worked on…

As you probably already know from reading my bio, I am currently a student majoring in Fashion Marketing, so I could definitely tell you many MANY amazing things about being a student, in fact I can list a whole bunch of reasons why I love school, but I won’t, I will however tell you one great thing, and that is I get to learn about everything I am so passionate about, which also includes getting the opportunity to showcase, practice, and apply my creative abilities to many different projects for different classes. As creative artists you could probably all agree that we are a visual bunch, and we shine our brightest when we get to be hands on with our assignments. Lets face it us artistic types aren’t really getting everything from sitting down and reading books, although I won’t argue that helps in some situations, but we truly shine when we work on projects and assignments that showcase our creative ability and raw talent, after all that is why we’re in this field right? I believe everybody has a unique vision and no matter where the influence comes from or how you get your idea, it’s the way you use it, apply it, and work with it that will determine how your creation comes to life and how it will stand out amongst the rest. Whether its designing, editing, or advertising, sticking to your vision and following through despite all the odds is what will make it and you successful and something to be proud of.

This particular assignment was done for my fashion styling class as a final project, and so far it has been one of my favorite assignments as a student. I had the privilege of working with a group of 3 other lovely ladies which included Dawn Bush, Lindsey Beecher, and Connor Knight (also students) which by the way Connor has a great blog that you should all go visit and of course lastly I recruited my team to assist me with making this vision come to life, Darya Pavlenko on photography, and Lana Mazun on hair and makeup.  Our assignment was to create a fashion editorial styled shoot, with some kind of theme that showcased a current trend. Then we were to transform our idea into a magazine or catalog, think Vogue esq.  Upon deciding the theme which of course was simple we all agreed on the menswear trend for women, not only has it taken over the runways, but who hasn’t been enjoying the whole boyfriend style everything? We took menswear inspired pieces such as the blazer, tuxedo style trouser, some oxfords, and several button down shirts, added some bow ties and regular neck ties to finish off each look, and along with that we added a feminine touch by doing a bold lip, and throwing on some heels to transition each look. Viola you have yourself a feminine take on menswear for the modern woman!

The entire editorial spread was shot by the talented Darya Pavlenko, and each hair and makeup look was done by the amazing Lana Mazun. Even though I had the privilege to model each look and make our vision come to life, I also helped edit, create and style the entire project, alongside the other ladies in my group.  Working on this project just confirms the one thing I firmly believe in, and thats how it truly does take a team, none of this would have been possible without everybody involved, and even though this particular class assignment was a group one and we were assigned partners, I know that as a solo project this would have been extremely difficult to accomplish, there is always a team behind every spread you see in Vogue, or any other popular fashion magazine, even behind every designer there is a team, and everybody supports each other and assists in some way. I am honored to say that I was able to work with a group of great girls, and I know that we are all proud of this project, we all poured our blood, sweat, and tears into it because in the end we were all there for the same reason. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to showcase my own talent, but also see the other talents of my group.

As you scroll through the images you will see the cover photo of our magazine, as well as a peak inside which shows you our layout design and some of the content. I also included some extra images for you including some behind the scenes moments.


P.S If anyone has any questions or wants to know more about this project please feel free to comment below, or email me directly, you can find my email under the contact option from the menu bar above.


Cover look


Inside look


Behind the scenes


More images


(Side Note: I do not smoke, nor do I promote smoking in any way, this was strictly done for the mood of the shoot, and for the effect/story we wanted to tell with this editorial).




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  2. This editorial is magnificent Absolutly stunning what magazine was this featured in I would love to purchase I’m a fan forsure luv ya girley !

    1. Hi, Unfortunately this was printed for a specific project only, and sadly is not available for mass purchase, but thank you for being a fan and visiting my site, I appreciate the support very much, keep coming back!

  3. CHRIS YOU ARE RIGHT these shots are amazing i love love love and hello can you totally even deal right now cause i can’t <3

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