Little Red Dress


Being surrounded by the midi trend makes it a little difficult to slip on the mini.  Whether it’s a mini skirt or a mini’s almost as if anything above the knee is just sinful! There is of course an appropriate mini length and I think after we reach a certain age we become quite aware of what that is…well most of us do anyway. For others though a diagram of lengths with appropriate ages next to them may be required!  I know that us fashionistas like to take risks with our fashion, at least I know I do, but there’s something about that comfort zone that makes it a little harder to be on board with something you may not resort to as often. Well for me that’s the mini hemline…and even though I don’t have to worry about drawing myself that age appropriate diagram just yet, I am still a little weary putting something on that goes farther above the knee.  It’s not about hiding those legs, it’s more about that uncomfortable feeling I get that everyone’s got their eyes on your cropped length as if they all think there should be 2 more inches of fabric attached. Well I’m going to be bold and say I have reached that point long ago were I no longer look or care if my fashion risk is not okayed by the public.  So with the summer season in full swing, I am busting out my mini lengths and yes alongside my midi ones as well, because I just can’t pick a favorite I have love for both, and I’m a firm believer in each length having it’s time and place.

This little red number is one of my all time favorite dresses, even though it is quite short in length, the top part is more modest which makes this mini look appropriate. When your doing a short length it’s best to go with a more covered style up top, something that doesn’t have a plunging neckline, this will definitely ease you into the mini style with confidence. My advice is pick something with a higher neckline like in the look I’m wearing, go for a short cap style sleeve versus spaghetti straps or strapless, which can instantly make you feel like your showing way to much. I think the general rule is if your gonna expose more leg make sure to refrain from exposing the rest, that way you avoid looking like your ready for Vegas.  Most style of mini dresses are designed with a classic touch which is why I fell for this red one, but every once in a while you still come across those minis that are a complete disaster, and obviously that makes it harder for you to get comfortable with wearing the mini hem, but I’m here to tell you that with the right design the mini style can become one of your favorite looks!


I styled my little red dress with a pair of nude strappy heels (switched it up with some black wedge style sandals in one of the photos to show versatility) and paired it with a simple black suede clutch. I wanted to keep this look simple with simple hair and no extra accessories.  The black floral print is so bold and the flowy design gives this dress everything it needs without needing anything extra! Of course my sunglasses added that little something ;-).

I hope this post inspires you all to go find that perfect mini style (if you don’t already have one), and wear it out with the upmost confidence!

Outfit Details:

Little red dress by Motel Rocks bought from: Asos

Black suede clutch: Vintage

Nude strappy heels: Lulu’s

Black wedge heeled sandals by Levity bought from: DSW

Sunglasses: Asos



9 thoughts on “Little Red Dress

  1. I LOVE YOUR STYLE you are beautiful #fashion is your thing girly keep it up I’m def going to spread your page on my blog xoxo

    1. Thank you Stephany that means a lot! keep coming back! and please let me know your blog site I would be happy to check yours out as well! XO

  2. omg steph totally right she is gorg! thnks for posting her on your blog I’m for sure going to follow her loving the red

  3. hey i love this echic vibe on this look i was wondering if a bolder shoe color would be ok in the nude heal i just don’t look good myself not everyone can pull off this look so i guess my question is is a bolder color ok with a red i saw a faded teal once and loved it but i live in LA and anything goes there but i want to bee 100. great job by the way loving the lay out of this whole thing I’m spreading your link in mine

    1. Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for your kind words! Honestly I think a nude shoe can be pulled off by everyone. Whats great about a nude sandal or pump is that it gives off the effect of longer legs. In fact one of the main reasons for the nude heel is to elongate the legs for women of all shapes and sizes, but if you want to take a fashion risk a bold shoe would work with the color red generally, but for this particular dress because of the bold print a more natural shoe color would work best, because the dress should be the vocal point, and something more simpler on the feet is best. Although if you want to pull a Carrie Bradshaw moment and put on some teal heels or another bright color with the dress then by all means feel free to do so, there is absolutely no wrong in that! XOXO

  4. Who are you ! And where have you been you are drop dead flawless can you please be from Seattle I could use you in my fitness spread I’d die for woman like you such a great website wishing you the best xoxoxo echic I love it !

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