It’s Dior, Darling!


I honestly don’t think I will ever be as excited about any of my posts as I am about this one.  This look is so incredibly special to me, and I can’t wait to tell you all why that is!

So I know I’ve mentioned vintage items in some of my previous posts (they would be listed under outfit details) but I have never fully gone into detail on any particular item.  Such as where I found it for example,  if any alterations were required, or how much did I pay? and whether or not I scored a great deal.  These are the type of questions we often want to ask and don’t, and are forever curious about, especially when that find is from a whole different era or by a well known and respected designer.

When you score something designer that’s vintage and from a different time it’s like finding a needle in a haystack!  It truly is, it almost never happens and if it does then you are just luckier than others!  Nothing really compares to the feeling you get when you find that one of a kind piece, you get a natural high that has nothing to do with any substance, it’s just pure intoxication from your love and appreciation for incredible design.

The feeling of getting your hands on something that is always going to be worth a pretty penny, including the fact that nobody else will ever have that exact item is indescribable.  It can become a piece of art, a collectable, something you can hang in your closet and wear on that special occasion, it won’t be an everyday item, and frankly you wouldn’t want it to be because it’s that special.  All of this describes exactly how I feel about my 1950’s pure silk Christian Dior dress.

I found this stunning dress on a random day when I was out browsing some of my local vintage shops, lets just say it was my luckiest day.  I was doing my usual digging through the racks and was about to give up until I spotted this stunning blue color peaking out from behind a couple of other garments.  When I reached for it I couldn’t believe my eyes, I literally had to do a double take to really believe that what I had in my hands was an honest to goodness Christian Dior dress from the fifties.  Ok now you have to understand something, when I looked at this dress it was in no way going to fit me, it was about 4 sizes too big and in need of major modification!  For most people this would be a deal breaker, seeing something that is to big and putting it back because they know it won’t fit so whats the point of buying it.  Most often people just can’t imagine or see what something could look like with the right kind of alterations.  When I find something I love even if it isn’t vintage, I instantly imagine what could be changed if needed, or what I would do differently if I designed it myself.  Sometimes doing something as simple as just switching out the buttons on a blouse can instantly transform the entire garment.  A minor fix or tweak can really make a difference, and sometimes full alterations may be required, but let me just say if the item is designer and one of a kind it truly is worth paying someone who is experienced to alter it, especially in a way that will flatter your personal shape.  Basically what I’m saying is I definitely do not let something such as size deter me from buying something as incredible as this vintage Dior.

I really regret not taking a before picture of this dress just so you would be able to visualize and understand how big this dress was until I took it in, had it fitted, and completely altered it.  I kept the style of the dress the same, I wanted to make sure that if I altered the size, that the design and overall look stayed true to its original state because after all it is a one of a kind 1950’s Dior dress, I doubt anybody would question Christian Dior’s design so why mess with that.  I now own a piece of art, something I will cherish forever, and I know it is every fashion lovers dream to own a vintage piece such as this dress, especially when it’s from a world renown, classic and respected designer/brand such as Dior.

Now I think you all understand why this particular post is so special to me, and why I  love to shop vintage!  I also make it a point to frequent vintage shops as often as I can especially if I am traveling.  I always do my research and find out where all the different vintage shops are located, it’s one of my top things to do when I am in any new area.  Now I hope this post inspired all of you to go out there and do some vintage shopping of your own!  And remember do not let size deter you from buying something incredible!

I styled this look with a simple pair of nude strappy sandals, which you can also pair it with a black pair of sandals or just a classic black pointed toe stiletto would work as well.  I did not add any extra accessories because this dress is too stunning to even consider wearing any kind of jewlery.  I paired it with a white and gold boxed clutch that is also vintage which I scored while I was visiting Seattle one time.  I kept my hair classic in a swept back style updo, and my makeup pretty neutral, all done by the talented Lana Mazun, and of course all the photography was done by the amazing Organic Album.


Outfit Details:

Christian Dior dress: Vintage

Strappy nude sandals: Lulu’s

White and gold box clutch: Vintage


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6 thoughts on “It’s Dior, Darling!

  1. i LOVE this blue your story about this post was to die for such a lucky snag girl i wish i had the patients for vintage shopping it really inquires pure talent and u have it girly !

  2. first off i wanted to say i LOVE your site and i wish you the best in life. i wanted to ask who inspires you in life most the people i run into these days blurt out celebrities fashion style icons musicians ect. The smartest ones I’ve come in contact with always are form people in there own lives like family is it that way for you friends ? thanks so much for listening keep your amazing work up you truly are inspiring.

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