Summer to Fall Transitions



It’s time to say goodbye to the summer season and say hello to fall, and with that comes the transitioning of our wardrobe.  It’s the time when most of our summer pieces like shorts and tanks are put away, and our cozy knits and jeans come out to play. 

But before the harsh change in weather really hits, we can still ease our way into fall by mixing some of our summer pieces with key fall staples.  Instead of worrying too much about not showing our arms or legs just yet, we can focus on how to incorporate our shorts and tanks into those chilly fall days, which always seem to linger a little before the cold and wet weather really hit.

By adding some boots and a leather vest to a pair of shorts you can instantly take your summer outfit and make it somewhat appropriate for the beginning of fall.  I mean lets face it during the summer you know that wearing leather anything would be impossible, except for maybe in the evening and even then it’s still a battle between sweat and style.  So when it does get cooler and fall approaches you still have the opportunity to wear those shorts you love by styling them appropriately.  Add a chic jacket or  jumper and your instantly cold weather ready!   Don’t forget that hat or beanie to really complete your summer to fall style.


Outfit Details:

Leather vest: H&M

High waist shorts: American Apparel

Graphic muscle tank: Urban Outfitters

 Lace up booties: Jeffrey Campbell

Fringe leather bag: Urban Outfitters

Wide brim hat: H&M

Sunglasses: ASOS

Gold watch: Vintage

Love necklace: Nordstrom

Rings: Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters



3 thoughts on “Summer to Fall Transitions

  1. your rocking this look love this kind of style your my type of chic chick ! that all a side great site i will be comming in often ;@]

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