All black and Leather


Who doesn’t love the perfect black outfit, especially when paired with the perfect leather jacket!  I don’t know about you guys, but for me you can’t beat the color black!  Not even the most beautiful shade of blue for example, will capture my heart like black always does.  As many of you know the shopping experience works in the most mysterious way, and we all know how it attempts to draw you away from buying black, even just by the layout of the merchandise and how it’s displayed.  But the truth is when we spot something we like and it’s in some bright color, we instantly start digging through the racks and silently pray it comes in black!  Don’t even try to deny it because you all know it’s true!  Black is safe, it’s classic, it goes with everything else in your wardrobe, and the greatest part of it all drum roll please…’s forgiving!  No matter what body type you are whether your big, small, or right in the middle, black will ALWAYS slim and flatter your body!

I love this high waist pencil skirt that I scored from Express a little over a year ago.  It is so versatile with endless styling capabilities, and I have worn it more times then I can count.  The leather side panels give it that extra contrast and edge for an otherwise  basic black skirt, but my favorite part is the exposed zipper that goes all the way down the back seam.  This zipper not only enables you to put on a skirt without stepping into it, but it lets you adjust how you want it to fit towards the bottom, I mean how great is that!?  I can unzip it a little and show more back leg, or I can zip it completley and have it fit more snug around my legs, either way you can’t go wrong! To top it off, did I mention the exposed zipper is also similar to the design detail we see from some of Victoria Beckham’s incredible skirts and dresses?  Of course I am a huge fan of hers, as I’m sure so many of you are too!

For this particular look I paired the skirt with a black crop top that has an exposed zipper in the front, a truly perfect pairing if you ask me!  I finished the look with my trusty leather jacket, which I AM OBSESSED with, but I’ll spare you guys a detailed discussion on that because it would be quite long.  I wore my classic black stiletto’s with a pointed toe, and of course you can’t forget a pair of sunglasses, they really do the trick as far as accessorizing goes.

Classic, elegant, and sexy describes this look perfectly, and I can’t wait to share more posts wearing this amazing skirt, proving how truly versatile it is and how you can get away with wearing this type of skirt over and over again with no one ever being the wiser!


Outfit Details:

Leather biker jacket: Asos

Crop top: Forever 21

Black pencil skirt: Express

Pointed toe stilettos: Amazon (Yep Amazon!)

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Cross earrings: Forever 21

Rings: Urban Outfitters



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