Separately Matched


In honor of my first official post I want to talk to you guys about one of my favorite trends right now, and thats the cropped top.  We all know how trends come and go, but I have a feeling this is one trend that’s here to stay, and I’m definitely not complaining!

Who doesn’t love the cropped look, especially when it comes with a matching bottom makes the decision on what to wear a whole heck of a lot easier! This look is perfect because it’s paired with a high waist midi skirt (a favorite of mine which I will be discussing in a later post) and it only allows for a flash of midriff, keeping everything classy but still sexy.  The texture and feel of the rib knit fabric along with the beautiful plum color adds just the right amount of detail to this great spring summer look, no extra accessorization required!

I paired this look with some nude strappy sandals and a black suede clutch to complete it.  The beauty of this outfit is that it can transition into fall and winter due to its color and fabric.  Look I know it’s summer and we shouldn’t be talking about fall stuff just yet, but it is just around the corner and I can’t go on without mentioning another way to style this look!  So by simply adding a black blazer (as pictured below), some sheer black tights (optional), and a pair of classic black pumps (not pictured) will easily help transition this look into the fall and winter season.  Talk about an effortless transition and perfect investment all in one!

Outfit Details:

Cropped top w/matching skirt: Asos

Black suede clutch: Vintage

Black blazer: Zara

Nude strappy sandals: Lulu’s










7 thoughts on “Separately Matched

  1. love love looooove your blog such a pretty face with great intellect can u come to las vegas and be my stylist please I’m 15 and you are truly and inspiration in all your posts

    1. Aww Cassie you are so sweet thank you! I am so happy that you find my looks inspirational, that is exactly what I want to achieve!! XOXO

  2. I love this look you are so gorg. And your make up is flawless you should do a make up tutorial ur skin is perfection !

  3. i love your site but what i really want to know is your workout plan ? how do i get a stomach like that you must be working out all day every day I’m here eating a pizza and staring at a cookie love from NYC

    1. Aw thank you Holly. Well my workout plan is pretty simple I just make sure to exercise about 4-5 times a week, switching from HILT to cardio to pilates and yoga, I make sure to mix it up, and of course the most important thing is what you are eating, which of course as anyone I definitely have my cheat days (I love pizza and cookies too)!! Hope this helps!! XO

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