About Echic

Echic  pronounced (e-sheek) is created to bring you insight from my perspective into the world of fashion editing, marketing, and styling, as I continue my journey in obtaining a bachelors degree in Fashion Marketing. Aside from featuring styled looks, Echic will showcase fashion editorial work that will include my academic projects, collaborations, and many of my marketing techniques that accommodate individual brands, designers, and overall style. Teaming up with other industry professionals, I am dedicated to bringing you a unique and individual look into the world of fashion.

You may wonder what sets Echic apart, well aside from the content itself, I want my visitors to see that hard work, determination, and persistence can help you stay on the right path towards reaching your goals. Proving that you in fact can’t do it all by yourself, it takes a team, nothing is accomplished without contribution from other areas of talent. Stepping away from “it’s all me” and combining other talents is what it takes to create something with unlimited possibilities. My goal for this website is to inspire others in their journey whatever it may be, providing content that is both inspirational and valuable, but in the end still reflecting what Echic is all about and thats fashion. This website is not created to just show that I love fashion and style, I want this website to truly express who I am as an individual, my journey and what I have to offer. I am not here to compete with others, but instead to walk alongside the many talented individuals who are just as passionate about fulfilling their dreams as I am.

Here to inspire and be inspired!

My team-I am very lucky to be working with two amazing industry professionals who are part of what make the featured looks and collaborations possible.

Darya Pavlenko– Photographer; For information on her stunning work visit: www.organicalbum.com

Lana Mazun– Hair and Make up Artist; For more information on this talented gal visit: www.lanamazun.com